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Selling Your Home: Tips for Homeowners in Blackstone Valley, MA

Posted by The Paramount Team on December 7, 2016
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Selling your home can be a challenging event.  That’s why it is essential to hire a professional to assist you in the process.  Hiring a Realtor is your best bet.  The knowledge and professionalism from a Realtor opposed to just a real estate agent will benefit you in the long run.

Once you’ve found the Realtor to work for you, the first task is finding out the fair market value of your home.  That doesn’t mean researching on Zillow or Trulia either.  Those sites often contain incorrect data for properties as they take them from the tax assessments or older history.

1. Your comparative market analysis – Remember, you’re the boss in your real estate transaction

A Realtor should offer you a complimentary CMA.  A CMA is Comparative Market Analysis.  Data is extracted from the Multiple Listing Service system or the Registry of Deeds to find comparable sales that fit the location and specifics of your home.  

Depending upon the inventory in your area and comparable sales available, a Realtor may have to go outside your town to find comps.  They should stay as close as possible to the details of your home as well.  It is best to sit face to face with a Realtor when reviewing the CMA.  In certain markets, typical comparable sales may not be available, so detailed explanations of data used is necessary and is more effective with an in-person meeting.  

Think of this meeting as an interview too.  You are hiring someone to sell your home.  After the presentation of the CMA is complete, the Realtor should provide you their resume and, perhaps, a few testimonials.  You want to know who you are hiring and what kind of experiences other people have had with this person.  

2. Marketing your home

Next, he or she should proceed to detail their marketing plan for your home.  How will your house be promoted?  Are you going to have open houses? Broker luncheons? What will the social media campaign entail?  

These are all important items to know.

3. The Net Sales Sheet

Your Realtor should provide you with a Net Sales Sheet.  This is an estimate of the costs you will have to pay when selling your home.  Some may be out of pocket and some will be deducted from the proceeds at closing.  Again, this is an estimate and is different for everyone depending upon location and size of the house.

4. A picture’s worth a thousand words

Furthermore, a professional photographer is the way to go when it comes to pictures of your home.  A strong online presence is important.  Professional photographs are part of that online presence.  You want potential buyers to be enticed to come view your home.  Professional photographs are essential.  These are often times included in your Realtors marketing plan.  Don’t forget to ask!

5. All the world’s a stage – including your home!

Your home may be in pristine photo-ready condition.  But many homes are not.  You could hire a professional stager.  However, when interviewing your Realtor ask them if they are comfortable giving you suggestions on how to best present your home.  Many Realtors are comfortable and good at helping with suggestions for de-cluttering, de-personalizing and neutralizing a home.

Moreover, first impressions are always the most important.  Be sure to pay attention to your front yard, front door and how your house appears when approaching it.  Colorful planters, a freshly painted front door, or some mulch topped off are always nice ideas to enhance that first impression.  Hire a landscaper if you see fit or again, your Realtor could have great suggestions.

6. Avoid a failure in communication

Before your house is listed, go over with the Realtor you’ve hired the best way to communicate with you.  Is it, text, email or by phone?  Also, inform them of restrictions on showing your home.  Do you need a day’s notice to arrange for pet care?  Keep lines of communication open with your Realtor.

Your Realtor should help ease the selling process

As difficult a process as home-selling is, when you work with the right Realtor, you should experience less stress and mess.

Are you looking to sell your home? Get our complimentary home sale analysis now to make sure you start the selling process on the right foot. Contact us today to learn more!


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