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Have a question about the buying or selling process? Wondering how to best stage your home for listing? Confused about home appraisal, closing costs, or mortgage estimations? We have your answers! If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us! We’d be happy to answer your questions!


Where should you put your home emergency fund/nest egg?

As a new homeowner, you have recently entered an exciting time in your life! Finding a home to call your own, a place to make memories and find happiness, is a joyous occasion. This occasion, though, comes with brand new responsibilities. Owning a home is a lifelong investment and it is important to be prepared for all the hurdles life ...
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Should you pay off mortgage early?

While not everyone in the greater Worcester/Blackstone Valley is fortunate to ask this question, there are some homeowners who have the luxury of being able to pay off their mortgage early. Should they? Or should they hold onto that cash and make it work for them elsewhere? In fact, this is a question many retirees ponder as well. Should they ...
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The 7 Benefits of Using a Realtor over a Real Estate Agent in Massachusetts

We live in the age of Do It Yourself. DIY craft projects, DIY home improvement–even DIY home building! But what about selling or buying your home? Can you DIY that? Well, of course you can. Most people don’t because it’s such a big, important purchase. Around 90% of buyers and sellers used some sort of real ...
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The Problem with using Real Estate apps Trulia and Zillow

People love doing things online that they used to have to do in person: book hotels, buy plane tickets; even order food! So why should buying or selling real estate be any different? Sites like Zillow and Trulia can seem like they’re the perfect solution for millennials and Gen-X-ers who prefer the internet over human interaction. But, with anything that ...
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The Professional’s Guide to Making the Move

So you’ve sold your listed your home, you’ve bought a new home, and now and it’s time to move! The process of selling a home is overwhelming, as is purchasing a home, but moving can be just as stressful. It’s an emotional process, leaving behind a home and going somewhere new, made no better by the fact that moving is ...
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Is it too soon to upgrade to a new home? Learn about the 5 year rule

Many homeowners go through the same type of upcycle, which goes something like this: They buy their first home, which is often either a townhouse/condo, or a small home. After about three years or so, they start to look for an upgrade, to either a bigger townhouse, or into a larger family home. This cycle repeats itself, until these homeowners ...
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5 Things You Need To Do Immediately After You Buy A House

Congrats! You just bought a new house! This is one of the most exciting (and hectic) times of your life. We know that this can be a little overwhelming, so we made a list of the first 5 things you absolutely must do right after you buy a house. 1. Change the Locks As soon as you sign those papers ...
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How to Know If You’re Ready for a Bigger Home

Most first-time homebuyers settling to a house that fits more-so within their budget than within where their life will be in the future. Your first home – or the one you live in today – may have been good to you at first, but now you got married, had two kids, adopted a dog and enjoyed a few promotions at ...
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