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Preparing to Sell Your House

Posted by The Paramount Team on June 28, 2016
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What can I do to prepare to list my house? This is a common question that Kris Koliss answers almost every day. When you begin to get your home ready for listing, there are a few key staging tips that you should keep in mind:


De-Personalize– Take down pictures and personal pieces like children’s drawings and use simple pieces to accentuate assets of room. Things like mantles, fireplaces, and any other unique assets. The people who are viewing your home want to picture themselves there, and this will allow them to picture their own style within your home.


Declutter– Taking down most of your decorations gives your home a blank canvas sort of look, the type of look that will allow the people viewing your home to picture their own belongings there, rather than only seeing what you have done with the space.


Neutralize colors– You might love the bright, vibrant color of your kitchen, and it might look wonderful. Neutralizing colors doesn’t have anything to do with what does or does not look good. Again, mellow colors give the viewer a chance to see the room how they would like it, rather than being potentially overwhelmed by the color that is already in the space.

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