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Posted by The Paramount Team on July 1, 2016
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Every list agent is different in the services they provide, and their style of doing things. In order for the process of selling the house to go smoothly, it’s important you understand what they do during each step of the process. Plan on multiple meetings with your list agent to make sure you remain on the same page.

Every list agent has different process. Kris Koliss has her own specific method that she follows. Her process involves a series of three meetings. During the first meeting, she does market analysis with her clients, answering any questions they might have about pricing, timeline, or how long it might take to sell the home. During the second meeting, Kris walks through the house and helps with the staging process, explaining everything that has to go on in order to show the house, going over things that need to be added, taken away, or fixed. And finally, on the third meeting, Kris works with her photographer to make sure the pictures are perfect to show off all of the best assets of your home. Keeping up with the list agent’s process and asking the right questions is crucial to the successful sale of your home.

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