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The final stage of buying a home is the most exciting and the most frightening. Once the final inspections have taken place and the mortgage rate has been agreed upon by your bank, all that’s left is to sign the papers! Final agreements with the sellers on repairs and renovations will be decided on. Lawyers will iron out any last minute issues with the paperwork, and your real estate agent will bring you the final offer. So bring your favorite pen and do some finger exercises… you’ll have a whole pile of papers to sign!



Once you confirm the buyer’s financial standing, you can negotiate the final offer on your home, either through a lawyer or through a real estate agent. The final inspections will take place and you’ll accept an offer from the buyers. Once the offer is accepted, you’ll have a final compilation of important documents, which your real estate agent will help you pull together. And then all you have to do is contact the mortgage lender to start the payoff process and hand over the keys!



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